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Friday, November 30, 2007

Better Late?

A while back I said that I'd post some photos of Thanksgiving decorations. Happily, I've learned that I'm not the only one who decorates for Thanksgiving!

Here's a box of Thanksgiving stuff. I was excited to open it until I realized that much of what I have is not in this box. Do you think I was able to find the other box? No. It's probably buried up in the attic, a place I never venture. I'm missing the cutest wooden Pilgrims that usually adorn the den mantel. This year, it was left bare.

Here's the living room. It looks much prettier in person. I am not a good photographer.

Here's the kitchen.

Didn't I learn anything from Martha? Did you know you're never supposed to put out candles without lighting the wicks first? Well, I did light them before we had any company. I'm sure I made Martha proud.

Now what's this, you wonder? Obviously it's a turkey, which I made (well, painted and fired) for my son when he was about four.

It's a Lollipop Turkey. This is what he's supposed to look like, sort of. I've always used lollipops that are in clear wrappers. He looks more colorful that way. But a mom's got to do what a mom's got to do. After much searching for the lollipops (do you remember the ones that came in a strip, all different colors?) unsuccessfully, I ended up with these. The children still liked it, and it is sort of cute, but you should see what he's really supposed to look like. Maybe next year.

And now tomorrow is December 1. Christmastime. Be prepared for this year's CD recommendation -- coming soon. Any suggestions?
Hope all your Thanksgivings were wonderful!

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Rhymes with Itchy

(This one is for the girls, with my sincerest apologies to any man who wanders by)

What do I have to be itchy about? Thanksgiving was great!! Life is good. All things considered, there's not much to itch about. Then again, there's always something. And here it is.

During the past few weeks, I have been hot. And I mean HOT. What's so bad about being hot, you wonder? Well it's not as if I've been receiving compliments "You're so hot, baby." That would be fine. That would be great! But I've been getting hotter and hotter and hotter. I've been waking up in the middle of the night because I'm so damned hot. Sweating, actually. Yup. It appears that the time has come for me to join my sisters in night sweats hotter than hell. The other morning I awoke wearing nothing. Naked. Perfectly okay with me, normally, but on this morning I couldn't remember going to bed without clothing or taking my clothing off. I looked at husband who was looking back at me. He obviously realized that I was naked (not that he minded) and I sheepishly admitted to not remembering what must have been a passionate night for us. "Do you think I've got early onset Alzheimer's?" I asked. He laughed, a deep belly laugh, and said, "In the middle of the night you sat up, yelled 'It's SOOOOOOOO hot!" and ripped your nightgown off and threw it across the room. Then you put your head back on the pillow and went back to sleep." I looked across the room, and sure enough there was my nightgown crumpled up on the floor next to the door. How could I not remember that (though it's certainly better than not remembering other things, I suppose)?!! Now Husband thinks this is all pretty funny. I am not laughing. It is uncomfortable. The sweat is disgusting. I feel old.

But that's not the worst part. The same day, yes the very same day, I got my period. Now what the hell is up with that? Hot flashes and cramps all at the same time?!!! Is this God's idea of a joke? Well it's not funny. I'd rather be pregnant.

Itchy. Itchy. Itchy.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving

The best part of Thanksgiving is that it's the one day that everyone loves big fat thighs!
Happy Thanksgiving to all!

Monday, November 19, 2007

And I Quote

"It's all Tom Brady."
-- John Madden

Thursday, November 15, 2007

For What It's Worth....

While driving home the other day, I saw a woman pushing a dog in a baby stroller. A dog! Who does that? Now I've seen everything.

On that same drive I was listening to talk radio. The host of the show was talking about the local prison and the need for "conjugated visits." Let's see. I am here. You are there. I think I understand the problem.

Remember Fuzzy Wuzzy soap? Shaped like a bear and grew fuzz when dry. I loved that soap. Now I wonder what made the soap fuzzy and if some of my weirdness is one of the effects of playing with it. I'd still buy some if I could. Fuzzy Wuzzy was a bear. Fuzzy Wuzzy had no hair. Fuzzy Wuzzy wasn't fuzzy, was he?

What I overheard: Daughter to son -- "A girl in my class was caught cheating today. Mrs. O ripped up her paper and gave her a zero." Son -- "I hope you don't cheat. You're very smart like me. Very smart. You'll probably always do better than most kids in your class, so if you cheat you'll end up doing worse than if you try to figure out the answer yourself." Daughter -- "Yeah, and if you get caught, mom and dad will be really mad." Son -- "Yup. Dad would get a little mad. Mom would get REALLY mad."

I spent the other day hanging curtains for my grandma. Sounds nice, but I worried about telling husband. I took down the curtains in our bedroom in September to replace them. But, of course, I had purchased the wrong size. Now I can't find anything I like. The sun streams in early which can be rather aggravating. Our windows are still bare, but grandma has curtains on hers! Fortunately husband has a good sense of humor and simply laughed about it. Guess I'd better get a move on.

The dog ate an entire loaf of bread....again.

We went on our Christmas tree hunt last weekend. I brought along the camera to take photos. I was planning to use one for our Christmas card. I never even sent cards last year. After back surgery I was happy to manage shopping for the children, never mind sending cards. So I was very excited about getting a nice photo for this year's. As always, we chose the perfect tree for us. I took out the camera, heard the lovely tune that plays when I turn it on. And then on the display "Batteries Exhausted." Crap! I tried it again. I removed the batteries and switched them around. "Batteries Exhausted." Nothing! No tree hunt photo. Yesterday while searching my purse I found two new batteries. Oh yes, they were in there from our trip to New York. I'd completely forgotten all about them. I think my brain is exhausted.

Our nieces and nephews are at that age where they prefer money or gift cards to presents. Makes things easy for this auntie. I received my credit card points rewards catalog which included gift certificates to some nifty places. Great! I redeemed points for nine pretty nice gift cards. I'm such a great customer (who has a bijillion points) that they sent the cards via overnight delivery. I was excited to receive them. Then I had a pang of guilt, and now I want to buy gift cards from the same stores using cash. I have a case of feeling cheap about using reward points. Husband thinks I am crazy. Just maybe I am.

Maybe I should worry about getting through Thanksgiving before worrying about Christmas. We were expecting 18 people, until last night when I found out that people I love have no plans. So now it's 22. The more the merrier, I say (and Mary says too). Right?

I was playing a word game and could not figure out the answer. It was reappear. For some reason I read it as "reap pear." What's a reap pear I wondered. Then it dawned on me, after losing the game: re-appear, but you knew that, didn't you?

The scholastic book program is one of life's greatest things. Where else can you buy three or four books for your kids for $10? Plus purchasing books through them has the big advantage of evoking some wonderful childhood memories. Mom and Dad always let me get as many books from scholastic as I wanted. Is it any wonder that I do the same?

And finally, for what it's worth..... Need I say anything else?

Monday, November 12, 2007

To wish to be well is a part of becoming well.
-- Seneca

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

I Wonder

I just finished a book that was a difficult read for me. It wasn't the words themselves that were challenging but the topic. The one light spot was when one of the characters described a list her sister had compiled: the Movies You Cannot Click Past. Now I've never had a list myself, but there are a couple of movies that I just cannot click past. There aren't many of them. I generally watch a movie once and that's plenty for me. I figure there are so many other movies out there that I haven't seen, why bother watching the same ones over and over again.

I suppose I should be embarrassed by my list for it does not include any classics, but for what it's worth I can't resist:

Groundhog Day. This was the one that immediately came to mind when I saw "Movies You Cannot Click Past." See how sophisticated my taste is? There's something about living the same day many times over and having the chance to redeem yourself that appeals to me. And, surprisingly enough, Bill Murray appeals to me in this movie, too. I've seen this silly thing many, many times, yet every time I click onto it, no matter where it is during the film, I stop to watch until the end.

With Six You Get Eggroll: Doris Day and Brian Keith and a bunch of unruly children. I'm not sure, but I'd bet this movie was released before I was even born. I haven't seen this one in a couple of years, but you can bet I'll stay glued to whatever channel it's on if I click onto it. Goofy, but I love it.

Yours, Mine and Ours: Lucille Ball and Henry Fonda. Again, another that was probably made long before I existed (I should probably check these things, but I'm too lazy). I remember seeing it first when I was a little girl, and I thought that Lucy was absolutely beautiful and that the oldest son was cute as could be. I wanted to be part of that family.

MASH: Donald Sutherland. Need I say more?

I know I should probably include some classics on my list if only to show how mature my taste is. But it is what it is. What films would be on your list? Maybe then, if I start to pass by them, I can stop and bring my movie-watching ways to maturity.

Monday, November 05, 2007


I'm still exhausted from Saturday's journey to the Big Apple (and yesterday's Pats vs. Colts nail biter). I promised Mary a story or two, and I will keep that promise, just not today.

Here's a little preview.

"I'm never going to New York again."
-- daughter, November 3, 2007
Next time it will be me, a great hotel with spa, fine dining and theater. And just maybe I can convince Mary to drag me around instead of my dragging daughter around. You can take the girl out of the suburbs....

Sunday, November 04, 2007

Politically (In)Correct


vs. them

Game on, Winston. May the best (looking) QB win.

Friday, November 02, 2007

"You Should Have Seen It!!"

While on vacation in sunny California last February, we ventured out one night to a local hot spot for dinner. We managed the obligatory forty-five minute wait (not an easy feat with children in tow) and were finally seated at a lovely booth. It had been an exciting day filled with fun at Disneyland. We were all happy and hungry. Unfortunately, the people in the next booth were not. Son and I had the luxury of sitting with our backs to the two losers, but we were able to hear everything ....and I mean everything.... going on back there. They were a young couple, obviously in the midst of a relationship crisis. Bickering back and forth and back and forth and back and forth until I was ready to scream. Wait... we're getting a break.

She: "I'm going to the bathroom."

He: "Good, don't hurry back."

Then... (talking loudly on a cell phone)

He: "Who the hell is this? Why is your number on my girl's phone? (Pause) Oh, yeah, well you're a f..cking fag. (Pause) Hey, I don't care. I know you love taking it up the"

THAT WAS ENOUGH FOR ME. My head whipped around so fast you'd think I wasn't human.. and in the loudest voice possible.

Me: "Hey, buddy. I've got kids here!!!" And that's all I said.

The children looked at me like I was crazy. Husband gave me a knowing smile, for he could see that I made young man more than a little uncomfortable. As soon as girlfriend returned from her bathroom trip, they got up and left. Both kids eyed them as they made their way towards the door.

Son: "Wow, mom, you just told off a biker dude." I hadn't even noticed (or cared) that the warped young man was dressed like a hoodlum with a red bandanna wrapped around his head.

Husband: "I think he was a gang member. But even biker dudes and gang guys have a heart when it comes to kids. And you made him realize what a jerk he was being. You embarrassed him right out of here."

Me: "Well, good." And I hoped to let it drop. The children (son, in particular) wouldn't let it go. I finally got him to stop talking about it. I was no hero, just an angry mom.

When we returned and went to see Nana and Grandpa bearing gifts and tales of our adventures, what's the first thing son shares? "You should have seen it. Mom took on a gang guy. She wasn't even scared!" He told them the whole story (and delighted in whispering to Grandpa the sad-excuse-for-a-man's exact words). I hadn't realized then that I created the highlight of son's trip. He told anyone who would listen this story for weeks.

Don't mess with a mama. She'll do anything for her babies. I always have, and I always will. You should have seen it.

(This post was inspired by Joy's October 31 post "Shopping with the Bickersons." Visit Joy at

Thursday, November 01, 2007


Rice Krispie Treats it is, Mary! I just knew you'd have sticky mom experience, too.

I love Rice Krispie Treats. Yes, they're delicious -- sticky and gooey, too. Yes, they give me the warm fuzzies when I recall my own mom packing one in my lunch. But the reason I most love them is because they're so easy to make, and there's nothing to bake. I must confess, I am a bad (oh so very, very bad) baker. Nothing ever turns out the way it was meant to be. I've been persistent. I try and I try, and I've perfected lopsided cakes, translucent cookies (who even thought that was possible?), and dry muffins. Yet, even for me, Rice Krispie Treats turn out perfect every time! I include them in my arsenal of homemade, yet unbaked, treats (I've also got a way with chocolate dipped anything). Bring some to a party, and they're always the first thing to go. Kids love 'em. Grown-ups love 'em. Even the dog loves 'em.

No trick here. They're this mom's saving grace (saving face) contribution to the dessert table. Long live the Rice Krispie Treat!

What's This?

It's the start of something. Bet Mary knows what it is and what it will become. Any guesses?