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Thursday, November 01, 2007


Rice Krispie Treats it is, Mary! I just knew you'd have sticky mom experience, too.

I love Rice Krispie Treats. Yes, they're delicious -- sticky and gooey, too. Yes, they give me the warm fuzzies when I recall my own mom packing one in my lunch. But the reason I most love them is because they're so easy to make, and there's nothing to bake. I must confess, I am a bad (oh so very, very bad) baker. Nothing ever turns out the way it was meant to be. I've been persistent. I try and I try, and I've perfected lopsided cakes, translucent cookies (who even thought that was possible?), and dry muffins. Yet, even for me, Rice Krispie Treats turn out perfect every time! I include them in my arsenal of homemade, yet unbaked, treats (I've also got a way with chocolate dipped anything). Bring some to a party, and they're always the first thing to go. Kids love 'em. Grown-ups love 'em. Even the dog loves 'em.

No trick here. They're this mom's saving grace (saving face) contribution to the dessert table. Long live the Rice Krispie Treat!


Anonymous Winston said...

I love those things, but have not had them for many years. I especially remember a version with semi-sweet choc chips. Yummm...

8:23 AM  
Blogger Elsie said...

I'll make some especially for you, Winston. I've never tried them with chocolate chips, but now that you mention it...yummmmm, and it's certainly worth a try.

9:23 AM  
Blogger MaryB said...

Ta-da! And don't they look yummy? RKTs will definitely be on my weekend project list!

10:31 AM  
Blogger Elsie said...

Can you eat the entire batch in one weekend? I sure can, with or without help.

1:17 PM  

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