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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Just an Old Hippie

Daughter's friend from across the street came by for a visit and told me, "My mom said she thinks you musta usedta be a hippie." Then yesterday a friend came by and gave me this CD.

If you recognize the band by this photo, you're an old hippie, just like me.


Blogger Elsie said...

I suppose it wasn't fair to put this on the true hippie list, but the hair got to me. For me, it used to be the longer the better (mom and dad just loved that!). One song by this band, in particular, was one every girl hoped to be asked to dance to, as we thought it showed which boys really liked us -- long and slow at the beginning, but then a crazy tempo change that most people seemed unable to dance to at all. Pretty much just a bunch of hopping up and down at the end. I've been enjoying the CD for the past couple of days. Guess this "bird will never change."

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