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Thursday, January 10, 2008


Daughter recently told me "I need to be perfect." Needless to say, I completely disagreed, and we had a long talk. I told her that I understand that sometimes it seems important to be perfect, but as I heard somewhere once upon a time, good enough is good enough. But is good enough really good enough? And now I'm wondering:

  • Am I good enough? (I try to be, but I'm often left thinking I'm not quite good.)
  • Am I smart enough? (I'm smart enough to know that I don't know everything.)
  • Am I rich enough? (I'm not rich, but I don't want for anything and have plenty to share.)
  • Am I thin enough? (Nope, but the way my husband looks at me still makes me feel beautiful.)
  • Am I young enough? (Relatively speaking, in the terms of life span, I suppose I am. I'm young enough to still be in good health, have fun with my kids, and enjoy a satisfying sex life).
  • Am I kind enough? (I try. Boy do I try. But I sometimes lose my patience with people and am working on that.)
  • Am I funny enough? (I sure can make my children laugh, if that counts.)
  • Am I simply enough?

I could go on and on, but then I get sick of thinking about this stuff. As Popeye the Sailor Man said, "I am what I am, and that's all that I am."

Enough is Enough.


Blogger Liz said...

Didn't he say, 'I is what I is!'?

We could all go through that list and find good things and bad. I think we know if something really needs changing. I'm glad my husband looks at me that way too!

9:11 AM  

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