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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

He's a Smart Guy...

that husband of mine. He's a civil and structural engineer, specializing in bridges and tunnels. He's also got advanced degrees in both business and finance. He's made quite a name for himself over the past ten years or so, so it was no surprise when he was asked to work on THE newest building in NY.

I have mixed emotions about the whole thing. He's been traveling a lot for the past two years, mostly to the West Coast, but now he'll be a regular in Manhattan. He left this morning, obviously excited about the new assignment. It will be good for his career, but I wonder what effect it will have on our family. He expects to be in Manhattan for two or three days each week, and he doesn't really have any idea how long that might last. I wasn't sure how to respond when he asked me about it and told me how interested he is in being part of this project, so I did my wifely thing and told him that I'd support him in whatever he wanted to do.

I tend to be a worrier. Now here's something else to worry about. He's working on the building that is to replace the two that were destroyed one sunny September day in 2001. I worry about the conditions there. Has everything really been cleaned? Is it really safe? Will working on this project affect his health? Will he be a target (I know I'll worry more about that as the project comes to completion)? The list goes on and on in my head.

I tend to keep these worries to myself as I don't want him to worry about my worrying, and I definitely do not want my kids to think their dad might be in any kind of danger at all. So here I am, venting to whomever might read this thing today. I know I'm probably being irrational, but given the state of the world....

And with that I wish him well on his new adventure. I know that as far as the building itself goes, this country couldn't be in better hands. I'm proud of him. I'm proud to be his wife. He's one smart guy.


Blogger Liz said...

And he's lucky to have you as his wife!

I don't think you're being irrational: with him working away from home for so long, and especially on that site, you're bound to have concerns.

My husband has worked away during the week on and off through a lot of our married life (or it feels like that anyway!) and is currently away 4 or 5 days a week. I get used to it (and sometimes enjoy my space!) but it's certainly not easy especially when you've got younger children.

But you've got a happy family and a good man and I'm sure your family life will not suffer as a result of this.

As for your concerns about where he's working - gosh, yes, I understand those too. But I am positive that what will be such a major and important project would not be started if there was any doubt as to the site itself being dangerous. There's been too much tragedy there already for them to take any chances.

And how proud you and your children will be when it's all done and you can say, 'my husband/daddy had a hand in history.'

10:39 AM  
Blogger Peter (the other) said...

Yes, I agree with Liz, and most especially about the pride. Congratulations to all of you, right down to that poodle!

4:07 PM  
Blogger Elsie said...

Husband just called, and here is the update. First, everything happened so fast, just since last Thursday, so any errors made previously were all mine.

He is working with the port authority on the new subway and related station/terminal that will be located underground. Makes sense to me now -- tunnels and all that. There will be several new buildings, not just one, that he may eventually work on, but that has yet to be determined. What he's doing now will be part of the foundation of all buildings. He's sort of a trouble-shooter kind of guy. No, there are no big problems, they're just trying to avoid them. He said he's been busy reviewing plans and trying to get a handle on such a large scope of work. He'll be meeting with the "key players" for the rest of his visit. He sounds excited, but says he already misses me. Awww. And, I think that in November, the kids and I will join him for a day or two. They've never been to NYC, and there's so much for them to see and do there, and it'll be nice for them to see where Dad is when he's away from home.

I think this one might be a "we'll see as we go" type thing. It's sure to keep him busy for a while. Kids are very excited to tell their friends. Today, while driving son's triplet friends home from school, one said "how cool" (son couldn't agree more). Another said, "must be some big bucks there" (son just shot him a goofy look). Kids! And Katie doesn't understand what the big deal is. She was only 3 in 2001, so she doesn't remember THE DAY at all. Just as well, she's a worrier just like her mom.

Thanks for your kind thoughts, Liz and Pete.

5:18 PM  

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