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Monday, January 08, 2007

Weird Things

Dear Harvey,

I'm sorry for not responding to you in a timely manner, but the lady forgot to give me the message (and she complains the kids are bad at that!).

Five weird things about me, the Hershman.

1. I am a ladies' man. I absolutely, positively prefer women to men. If a couple should come visiting, I will attach myself to the woman and demand her attention. I am the lady's man. I will do (almost) anything she asks. I protect her from the man, barking wildly whenever he touches her in any way. She's my girl and that's that! I would follow her to the ends of the earth.

2. When I get loose, I chase squirrels. I chase 'em around the yard. I chase 'em across the street. I chase 'em up trees. And I will sit underneath a tree and back and bark and bark until the lady drags me back into the house. I'm not sure what I'd do if I could ever catch one. It'll probably never happen. Those acorn crunchers are too fast for me! But I never chase any bunnies. I think they'd be easier to catch, but I guess they're just too darned cute so I leave them alone.

3. I'm a smart guy. I know all kinds of tricks. I can sit, lay down, stand up, stay (when I feel like it), give high fives, and even speak (and boy am I loud). And even though I will be five years old this month, I cannot/will not learn to roll over. The lady keeps trying to teach me. When will she learn?

4. I have fallen into the pool more times than you can imagine, Harvey. Who keeps moving that thing? I don't like to swim, and I feel nervous when I can't figure my way out. I haven't learned to swim to the steps and just walk out (no matter how many times the lady pulls me over to those stairs). Speaking of swimming....I get into a barking frenzy when my lady swims under water. Is she crazy? I know she's going to drown. I know it, I know it, I know it. So I warn her (and the entire neighborhood) every chance I get.

5. The weirdest thing about me is that I'm going gray. Not too weird, right, except that now the family calls me Hershey Two-Tone. They say I look funny because my head and legs are still very brown, but most of my body is quite gray. It's hard to see in this photo, but take a close look, Harv, and you might understand what I mean. I'm still the most handsome dog on the block. Harvey, there are lots of other weird things about me, but these seem the strangest. I'm always glad to see that you are doing well. Your lady seems as nice as mine. Good life ain't it? Have a great 2007.

Woofs from your friend,


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Hershey, Good to hear from you.
Hey, grey is distinguished you know.

I don't like my mum and dad touching unless I'm in the middle, then I'm all in favour of a cuddle.

Squirrels, pah! Do you know what happened to me one day? I was walking along, sniffing happily, when, kerplop, there in front of me landed a squirrel. I was so surprised I didn't move, not even when he ran away back up the tree. I just stood and stared. And then, afterwards, I heard my dad telling my mum that, two squirrels had been bonking in the tree when one had fallen out. I don't know what bonking means but it made them both laugh.

I'm not very good at tricks. Holly I think of her as my little sister - is very good, but I'm old now and you can't teach an old dog new tricks. I heard someone say that once.

I've fallen in the pool once or twice too in my younger days. It's these people, they keep going in and when i run round barking cos I can't get them out, I sometimes miss at the corner and fall in. I do like to swim but we don't have proper steps so dad has to get me out.

Well, Heshman, I guess you and me are pretty lucky living the lives we do with nice people who love us.

Stay cool!

6:12 PM  

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