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Friday, November 17, 2006

Did you ever have one of those days...

when you're pissing yourself off? I'm in the middle of one of them right now! It's bad enough when other people do stupid things that make you mad, but when you make yourself mad, you're really an idiot!!!! So, here I sit, trying to calm down, thinking that I couldn't be any more upset with myself than I am, but since it is me we're talking about here, I should give myself a break. Oh brother.


Blogger Elsie said...

Here's the update. The day ended up great. While making dinner, husband called to tell me that he was at the train station in Attleboro, but that his car keys were still in Boston! He was mighty aggravated with himself! So, when I went to bring him my key, we ended up having a pretty good chuckle -- both of us being total knuckleheads on the same day was too funny! It made everything better for us both. Life.

6:44 AM  
Anonymous Jack in Paris said...


Life is contagious.

5:08 PM  
Anonymous Winston said...

It seems most of us are harder on ourselves than we are on others, especially when it involves doing something stupid that ends up costing time, money, heartache, aggravation. Like locking keys in car on a Sunday morning at an interstate exit in a rural area with cell phone locked in said car and the one payphone is out of service and no locksmith service for 100 miles and locksmith you finally get wants $50 cash and really aggravated at having to get out on Sunday morning for an idiot like me and I'm out of cash, down to my last $10 since I've been away for a couple of days at a big ballgame and spent all my money and they haven't yet heard of ATMs and I want something to drink, coffee maybe, and my wallet is locked in the car along with keys and did I mention my cell phone ...

Yep, one of those days is right...

8:25 AM  
Blogger Liz said...

It's easy to be too hard on yourself - especially if you're like me and end up on one of those self-pitying/self-beating-up moods, 'Well, what can I expect from someone as rubbish as me? I am so horrid/stupid/mean, I deserve to be mad at myself. I deserve for everyone to hate me.'
Yeah, okay, you get the picture?!

Glad the day ended better for you. There must have been a knucklehead bug in the air.

10:01 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What is it with this key business?? Like being really close to the bone with money right now, coming in from Boston yesterday, dumping my bag, grabbing the leash and dog for a quick spin, but forgetting the apartment key? No cellphone to call landlord. Nothing. Fortunately, there was a locksmith across the street and the shoe repair shop downstairs let me into the security doors. Then - $80 to open my apt. door. How could I have been so stupid? AArgh! (And that cut right into the fiscal-bone, I tell ya')

I'm working on self-forgiveness right now.

10:41 AM  
Blogger Elsie said...

Jack, yes it is.

Winston, oh brother. Sounds even worse than mine. Tomorrow is sure to be better!

Liz, I do beat up on myself a lot. Not too much self-pitying. Perhaps I should try it, then I wouldn't beat up on myself so much.

Mary, last spring I locked myself out of the house. Went to the neighbors to call locksmith. Neighbor said, "The fire department came and let me into my house when I locked myself out." So, I figured why not? Called the fire dept., and they came right out. Sure enough, they were able to get in, no problem. No money. I'm sure that the NYFD probably doesn't have as much spare time as the WFD does, so you'd probably be out of luck. And it figures that it would happen at this time of year. But since it's Thanksgiving, I'll be greatful that you have a place to live, and me too!

12:22 PM  
Anonymous elsie said...

Mary, I'm grateful -- where did that 'greatful' come from?

7:51 AM  

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