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Friday, March 09, 2007


After sending this photo to my sister
to show her the "cool fish hooks" we picked up in California, I thought, hmmm, maybe I could post something about this and how it's taken me six long years to finally change the ugly hooks in the pool house. Then, after reading what I had written, I thought, nope, "pool house" sounds too snotty, too grand, not like me at all, not like my home at all. But after six long years, that's just where I'm going to put them, in the bathroom at the pool. So how to express my procrastinating ways without sounding like a snob? I know. A picture is worth a thousand words? I'll show some photos of how it really is. I ran out into the freezing cold, and this is what I saw.

Not so glorious, eh? But it sure is convenient and great for keeping little (and big) wet bottoms from dripping water all over the house.

Behind Door Number One: Bath with pink sink and blue toilet.

See how lovely this wall looks? Seems husband must have been out here last weekend taking down the ugliest hooks you could ever imagine. He must have hated them, too, but he never complains about anything. Lucky me. I'm hoping that after a good spring cleaning, a fresh coat of paint, and the fish hooks, this teeny tiny bath might be less dreary this summer.

Behind Door Number Two: all the junk that makes the pool run.

Behind Door Number Three: Storage for pool toys.

Summer. I pretty much missed it last year with that horrid back thing. This year the word alone makes me smile. Maybe that's why the new hooks feel so important to me. They're like a fresh start. And that all four of us were together having a great time when we got them makes it all the more sweet.
Maybe there's a time when procrastinating is a good thing. It feels pretty good to me.


Anonymous Joy said...

Hi Elsie,

I finally made it over to say hi. Hey, I LOVE those pool hooks...great colors. Always feels good to refresh things.

I'm glad I came by....I'll be back again...take care... -Joy

12:42 AM  
Blogger Elsie said...

Thanks for stopping by, Joy. It sure does feel good to make things new. I always enjoy your blog. Thanks again.

6:19 AM  
Blogger Liz said...

Good to hear your dad is okay.

Lovely fish hooks! We have a pool too (but not a pool-house!) and I do find it difficult to mention in case it makes me sounds snobby or rich! I hope I'm not the first and I'm definitely not the second!

When we were house-hunting, our children were small and stayed with the grandparents. When we went back and told them we had a house with a pool and a cat (the owners were moving to a pet-free apartment), they were more excited about the cat!

2:26 PM  
Blogger Elsie said...

My sentiments exactly, Liz. Hope I'm not the first and am definitely not the second.

Kids have a way of putting things into perspective. Mine would have been more excited about the cat, too!

7:48 AM  

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