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Sunday, June 25, 2006

Too Creepy

This blogging thing is just too creepy sometimes. Who's watching whom?


Anonymous jack in Paris said...

You mean it ain't “Who's watching who?”

So now you know about Sitemeter. Was it difficult to get in? I mean was that stuff any help?

4:37 PM  
Anonymous Elsie said...

Jack, your advice helped immensely! I did have to give it a go more than once (okay, three times). I'm no computer genius either.

Who vs. whom? Sorry. Old habits die hard. All that English I studied, I guess. I hope I'll loosen up as time goes by.

So are you ever going to tell me where you're hiding?

7:55 PM  
Anonymous jack in Paris said...

Give it time. Meanwhile keep up the good work. All the best kiddo.

9:12 PM  

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